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How to Order Marie Antoinette's

Portraits of the Soul

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Prices for Original Pencil Portraits
(portraits on
16" x 20" paper canvas or larger)

Prices for Original Pastel Portraits
(portraits on
16" x 20" paper canvas or larger)

Prices for Portraits in Mixed Media

(portraits on

13" x 19" gesso-primed board

*I draw each pencil portrait on acid-free, high-quality paper to ensure your portrait will last for generations.
The pastels are created on acid-free pastel paper or velour
and the mixed media portraits on acid free book-binding board primed with gesso.
For each portrait I used the highest quality materials.

Prices for Portraits in Oils
Please inquire

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Picking a Photograph
Since I draw portraits free-hand from photographs (without computer enhancement) ordering is simple--it just requires a good photograph.
Here are some tips for picking the right photo:

1. Make sure the picture is clear--the more detail in the face,
    the more accurate the portrait will be.

2. Make sure the face you'd like me to draw is at least 1 1/2"
    on the photo (4 cm.)
    What matters more than size, however, is that I can see the white
    of the eye.  This level of detail in the eyes will help me capture the 
    person's soul on paper.

3. You can look at sample pictures on my website.

4. Of course you can send a high resolution digital picture by email.

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Mailing Your Order
  • To send your pictures (and/or payment) to me:
    • by regular mail at:
         P.O. Box 1091 
         Emigrant, MT  59027
      •  by e-mail at idraw@portraitsofthesoul.com


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    I request a downpayment of $100 when I start the portrait.  You do not need to send the balance
    of the payment until you've seen a scan of the portrait, to make sure that you're happy with the result.

    I will email you a scan of the portrait so you can see how it looks.
    If you like it, I will send you the original as soon as I receive your payment.

    I accept Money Order, Certified Check or Personal Check (upto two-week processing time required for personal checks.) 

    Please make the check or money order payable to:

         Marie Antoinette Kelley 

    and mail to:        P.O. Box 1091
                            Emigrant, MT  59027

    All portraits are delivered by mail about one week after I receive your payment.

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    Privacy Policy
    Access to and use of image and text files and data on my site are subject to the following terms and conditions:

               1.  The text, images, and data on my site are protected by copyright and may be covered by other restrictions as well.  I retain all rights, including copyright, in images, documentation, text, and other information contained in these files.  Copyright and other proprietary rights may be held by individuals or entities other than, or in addition to me, the artist.

               2. Please do not copy or redistribute anything from my site for commercial use, including commercial publication, or for personal gain.
    You may download these images for your own use, but they remain subject to any additional terms or restrictions that may apply to the individual file.
    You must, however, cite the artist and source of the materials as you would with material from any other printed work.

              I am committed to protecting the privacy of my online guests and friends, as well as of the people whose portraits I have created.  I do not collect personal information about individuals—such as their names and postal and/or email addresses—except when it is knowingly provided by such individuals.  I believe that maintaining privacy on the web is very important and that informing visitors about the types of information I collect and how I use it is crucial.

    When You Sign My Guestbook
    I may use the information you provide in my guestbook to personalize the site.
    I will not share the information you provide when you register (your name and/or email address) with any other organization or company.

    Email Policy
    I occasionally send email announcements to the registered visitors. If you do not wish to receive any email from me, please send me an email message with your name and email address.  I read every email message that I receive and try to respond within a week.

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