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Celestial Signature of Stephen
I just wanted to let you know that the portrait arrived safely. The original is even more wonderful than the pictures of it.

Such a presence!

C.E.  2008
There for You
Postcard from Heaven

There for You

 I've noticed that, when my heart wakes up to the person I am drawing, I feel them with me and their energy influencing my thoughts and feelings as I create the portrait.  I also noticed that when the person I am drawing has already moved on to the world of Spirit, I can feel them even more clearly.  I've had some amazing experiences while creating their portraits, experiences that were then confirmed when I relayed them to loved ones of the subject.

I find that the portraits I draw can evoke so much of a person's energy, that the portrait itself becomes a bridge to their spirit.  For those who miss them, it becomes obvious that they haven't really died, but simply moved from one world to the next...

I'd like to refer to these types of portraits as celestial signatures.

  Pastel Portrait--Made in Montana
Marie Petrik
    Celestial Signature of Dannion
Made for Montana


The Will to Live

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