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   I always thought I wanted to be a doctor.  I enrolled in pre-med and in my final year won the national Goldwater scholarship for science. This scholarship would map out the next four years of my life and set me on a career in medicine.  Somehow this scholarship made me realize that's not what I wanted from life.  

   Then, in the winter of '99, my friend gave me a video course called "Yes, You Can Draw!"  It was like a light had been turned on.  Once I drew one portrait, I knew I had found what I was looking for--a passion inside of me that I could share with the world. 

   I simply love drawing portraits because each has a different story to tell.  No two faces are the same--each face has its own light in it, mostly radiating from the eyes.  I try to capture that light in my portraits.  That's how I show the beauty of each soul.

  Below are some pictures of my self-portrait in progress.  As you can see, I start with the eyes.  Once I feel I've captured those accurately, I go on with the rest of the face. 

first stage

Self Portrait

"Of all the things I've tried to do and be,
the most fulfilling one is to be me."

Marie Antoinette

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